Serenity Gardens EcoVillage
A Sustainable Food-producing Co-op Community
An Amazing Way of Life Awaits You. . .
Imagine a community in paradise which far surpasses your expectations.  
Simple, natural, no frills. . . 
yet so peaceful and comfortable. . .

Our Mission Statement at Serenity Gardens EcoVillage
We have started the process of growing a totally sustainable community that will satisfy the needs of the residents for many generations.  The personal input of our owners will always be of prime consideration.

Utilizing many state-of-the-art techniques and permaculture principles, we are actually forging a lifestyle 
that will allow for individual personal growth and managed community development.  

A successful sustainable system allows for an exponential growth pattern that will evolve in a natural way. 
The concept of sustainable development is often broken out into three constituent parts: 
environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and sociopolitical sustainability

Well-planned sustainable eco-communities are extremely viable.  

The solutions to many of the problems in our world today will come from careful planning and foresight.   

We invite you to participate in our community and what is offered at Serenity Gardens EcoVillage.

Some Videos Taken On Site at Serenity Gardens EcoVillage
The World Institute for Sustainability & Education
Click through here to learn more about our WISE Permaculture & Sustainable Living Courses
on site at Osa Mountain Village. 

Within a year, our WISE Education Series will be held here at Serenity Gardens EcoVillage!

Join us and learn about WISE, our courses and educational programs.

Renderings, Floor Plans & Pricing

After purchasing your homesite at Serenity Gardens EcoVillage, you have many choices.

We can build a beautiful home for you!  Lots of options and sizes!

Soon, we will publish all of our casita renderings and our pricing schedule. 

Here are our studio, 1-bedroom,  2-bedroom and 3-bedroom floor plans.


An Amazing Ocean View from the Community Center Area
1 BR
2 BR Option 1
3 BR
Option 1 
Use our Calculator to Estimate what Percentage of Your Daily Electric Usage 
can be Supplied by 
Hydro and Solar PV at 
Serenity Gardens EcoVillage
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Serenity Gardens EcoVillage
A Cooperative Community

SGEV is offering 130 home sites on 200+ acres of land. 
Each buyer will receive about 1/2 acre of land and 
use of all of the common ground as well.  

This extra 100+/- acres will be designated as community 
land for a community center, school, fruit forest, 
many beautiful trails and animal habitat. 

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Consider a Multiple Purchase. . .

By purchasing two homesites instead of one allows you to build on the first and keep the other for an investment .  

Since August 16th, 2012, there has been a 52+% equity gain.

Contact Us Today to Reserve Your 2 (or more) Homesites!
. . .and FUN!
 Our Newest Videos. . .Take a Look!
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2 BR Option 2
3 BR
Option 2 
A New Video 
of Our New 
Model Home 

Serenity Gardens EcoVillage

Home Sites Only $55,000 
Serenity Gardens EcoVillage
Goals & Guarantees

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Serenity Gardens EcoVillage has a theme of "Education".  We will have a Permaculture school, facilities for our
guests to come visit us and study yoga, wellness 
and many other courses!
We're waiting for you!
 Price includes a home site, share of the community amenities, pool, restaurant, gardens, tilapia ponds, community resource sharing center, etc.

Welcome to 
Our Community

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We are a Totally Debt-free Development

The Joy of Giving!

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Don't Want to Visit Costa Rica Alone 

Ask about our "Group Tours" to Serenity Gardens & Osa Mountain Village. Lots of Extras and So Easy!

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Facts about Serenity Gardens EcoVillage
*We have hired permaculture experts to help us design food systems that will last for generations.

*Things like lettuce and tomatoes will be planted in personal gardens or on land that the developer will be donating to the community.   In other words, the developer is not responsible for the gardens once the initial land is donated and permaculture infrastructure is put in place.                                                  

*We are in the process of planting thousands of fruit trees.

*The members of the community will also be creating food trade/share programs.

*We are offering a sustainable food production system at SGEV that will have some important elements in place for residents and then the residents can decide what else they want to have on site and where, once they take over the community from the developer. As you know, we have always encouraged SGEV residents to plant gardens on their own property along with chickens, etc. (whatever they want) and then trade off with other residents for food they do not have. That is pretty much the description of sustainable sharing.  We are still not asking residents to do the work themselves, unless they want to, but are offering a way to have it done for them.

*Several plans for bamboo houses are being put together now which will provide us another selection of home designs for our buyers who are not looking to custom design their homes.

Our Sustainable Living Project at Serenity Gardens EcoVillage
What we are doing:

1. Building a model homestead on 1/2 acre that has everything needed for a family of 3 to live on the property. . .Food, water and energy.

2. Building this all for under $50,000 (this is going to take lots of creativity).

3. Completing this project in less than 6 months. Of course it will take a lot longer than that for the food systems to be at full production.​

Serenity Gardens EcoVillage Resales

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Please note. . .SGEV is not a typical development. . .read more here
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