An Amazing Way of Life Awaits You. . .
Imagine a community in paradise which far surpasses your expectations.  
Simple, natural, no frills. . . 
yet so peaceful and comfortable. . .

Our Mission Statement at Serenity Gardens EcoVillage
We have started the process of growing a totally sustainable community that will satisfy the needs of the residents for many generations.  The personal input of our owners will always be of prime consideration.

Utilizing many state-of-the-art techniques and permaculture principles, we are actually forging a lifestyle 
that will allow for individual personal growth and managed community development.  

A successful sustainable system allows for an exponential growth pattern that will evolve in a natural way. 
The concept of sustainable development is often broken out into three constituent parts: 
environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and sociopolitical sustainability

Well-planned sustainable eco-communities are extremely viable.  

The solutions to many of the problems in our world today will come from careful planning and foresight.   

We invite you to participate in our community and what is offered at Serenity Gardens EcoVillage.

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The World Institute for Sustainability & Education
Click through here to learn more about our WISE Permaculture & Sustainable Living Courses
on site at Osa Mountain Village. 

Within a year, our WISE Education Series will be held here at Serenity Gardens EcoVillage!

Join us and learn about WISE, our courses and educational programs.

An Amazing Ocean View from the Community Center Area

Serenity Gardens EcoVillage
A Cooperative Community

SGEV is offering 130 home sites on 200+ acres of land. 
Each buyer will receive about 1/2 acre of land and 
use of all of the common ground as well.  

This extra 100+/- acres will be designated as community 
land for a community center, school, fruit forest, 
many beautiful trails and animal habitat. 

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. . .and FUN!
Serenity Gardens EcoVillage has a theme of "Education".  We will have a Permaculture school, facilities for our
guests to come visit us and study yoga, wellness 
and many other courses!
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Live an Amazing, Sustainable Lifestyle in the Middle of Paradise!
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Inspired with a "Pura Vida" Lifestyle in Mind!
We'd like to invite you to spend a few days in paradise 
  and to learn more about this amazing country.  

*We'll show you our beautiful communities here in Costa Rica. 
*Lots of exploring and expanding your opportunities.
You'll learn how to invest, retire & start a new life.
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Serenity Gardens EcoVillage
Very Important: Please read if you are considering becoming 
a part of our community, Serenity Gardens EcoVillage. . .

Hi folks. . .

Our goals are unique. . .some say, "impossible". 
 I will get to our goals in a moment. 
 But first, allow me to talk about our "guarantees". . .

"We" Guarantee Nothing!

We are not creating the kind of developer-client relationship that you may be used to. 
 "We" means "all of our shareholders".
Serenity Gardens EcoVillage is a partnership. . .a co-op community.  
Some of our partners are "sweat-equity" partners, who have been chosen because of their 
past performance and commitment to all of our goals and our vision.  
Others have become partners by buying in. . .paying in cash.

Now, here are our goals:

Goal: To provide enough food, produced organically, on our property, in conjunction with residents having their own gardens, so that we have complete food security, with significant diversity. Please do not confuse this with food "convenience". No one will package and deliver your food to your doorstep, unless, of course, you pay extra for this service.

Goal: To provide enough energy on site (produced from solar, hydro-electric, bio-diesel and maybe wind), so that we do not need the 'grid'. However, we will do ample research to see if the 'grid-tie' is the way to go. We will not restrict a home's energy use, but we will restrict (if necessary) the amount of energy that a particular home receives from our shared-energy grid. For instance, if you must have air conditioning, then you will probably need a generator.

Goal: To provide enough entertainment/activities/community events so that 
our community members are fulfilled and connected.

Goal: To create a community in which our residents can live comfortably on a fraction of what they are paying elsewhere, eating prepared organic food and enjoying community events on a regular basis.  
With that said, it is not our goal to attract folks who are financially strained. 
 "Prosperity consciousness", is the key phrase here.

Goal: To promote participation among residents in our educational program, 
which will be front and center at Serenity Gardens EcoVillage. Our model includes a platform 
in which learning is fun, fulfilling and very interesting. We will be in the international spotlight.  
We will encourage those of you who wish to become involved to do so.  
With proven programs such as The World Institute for Sustainability and Education (WISE), 
we plan for an amazing global center for learning.

HOW? If you want more information on how WE plan to achieve these goals, 
please email me directly here:

Jim Gale
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